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Hosted by James Navé 


All the Twice 5 Miles Radio (T5M) podcasts you'll find below were first broadcast on WPVMFM 103.7 on air from downtown Asheville.  In the following shows we explore culture, poetry, spirituality, art, education, business, politics, and literature. It's my great pleasure to share this work with you. Enjoy. 


From Cleveland to Moscow with poet Ray McNeice 

 Ray McNeice is a rust-belt poet with long-standing Asheville connections. For example, he was one of the first featured poets at The Asheville Poetry Slam in 1991. Ray's talents allow him to spring from storytelling to poetry, to singing, to activism, to his written words on the page which often looks more like visual art than text. In this conversation, Ray tells us about the time when he toured Russia with Soviet and Russian poet Yevgeny Aleksandrovich Yevtushenko, novelist, essayist, dramatist, screenwriter, publisher, actor, editor, and director of several films. Yes, they drank vodka! 

Strategic Planner Tish Vallés: Language, Poetry, and MeaninG 

Tish Valles reflects on her childhood under the Marcos Martial Law Dictatorship in the Philippines and her participation as a revolutionary from the age of 12. She makes subtle connections between poetry and strategy; touching on how being fluent in more than one language has benefited her thought patterns and honed her ability to structure meaning into language. Tish talks about the freedom form and structure provide to thinking and craft. In this is a global inter-disciplinary interview Tish reads her poems, speaks four languages and talks about strategy.


Writer Allan Wolf: Who Killed Christopher Goodman? 

Allan Wolf's work as a writer has a way of sneaking up on you with odd twists and turns over and over. In this interview, I expected Allan and I would talk about poetry, traveling the byways of America, the joy of friendship, and life in general. Imagine how surprised I was then the conversation drifted into true crime and Allan's new book about the murder of his best high school friend titled Who Killed Christopher Goodman? "Who is ultimately responsible?" Allan wonders in this interview. His conclusion might surprise you. Listen and find out.


The Heart rises with  Mary Arose and DOMINIQUE WARFIELD 

Twice 5 Miles Radio hosted by James Navé welcomes Mary Arose and Dominque Warfield to the microphone. Both Mary and Dominique are artists, political activists, and creative leaders. In this Twice 5 Miles conversation, Dominique and Mary dig into what it means to show up for your community. What does it take to uplift the feminine, bring healing to the earth, and radically love yourself? By practicing our art, can we find peace, connect with our authentic expression, and honor our planet and who we are on it? Are you concerned about where our world is going? Listen to this show, Mary and Dominique will make you feel much better.


Executive Coach Lynne Burney: Paris Forgiveness 

Lynne Burney and I had this conversation in her car which was parked in a garage under a fancy shopping mall in Paris. Easy listening music played in the background, a few shoppers walked by, and we worried that a security guard might suspect us of being pernicious characters from a novel. Lynne is an executive coach, a writer, and the owner of LKB Coaching based in Paris. Our conversation quickly turned to Sting’s recent re-opening concert at the Bataclan Night club which suffered a terrorist attack in November, 2105. Lynne was proud that the people of Paris didn’t shutter Bataclan, but rather showed up to sing instead. In this conversation Lynne reflects on the recent American election, her concerns around racism, and what will happen next in the world. Join us in the parking garage in Paris


photojournalist john van hasselt: focus on the eye

Twice 5 Miles Radio welcomes Getty Images international photojournalist John van Hasselt to the microphone.  This track starts with a delightful interview with photojournalist John van Hasselt. John talks about his work as an international photojournalist, a long-time resident of Paris, and world traveler. After the interview with John, you'll hear me doing a 12-minute street report, which starts on Pont Neuf and takes you down rue Dauphine in the 6th arrondissement. After that, I offer you a series of very short story poems about light, love, and the state of the world. I wrote these poems while I was in Paris in November, plus in Asheville and Akron in early December, 2016. 


rhonda lemming: the seen and the unseen  

Thinking about the matters of spirit and the dimensions of human consciousness comes easy for Rhonda Flemming. Julia Cameron introduced Rhonda to me when I came to Taos in 1995 to start The Artist’s Way Creativity Camp. Rhonda and Julia were good friends. That’s why Julia invited Rhonda to be the resident spiritual advisor at every creativity camp we hosted. Rhonda’s date book filled up fast; everyone loved working with her. Even before Rhonda was five years old, she was keenly aware of her ability to connect with the seen and the unseen. Like people who hear music in their heads, or can draw without effort, or have a talent for understanding higher mathematics, Rhonda has the ability to sense energy, communicate with the spirit world, and connect with the essence of your soul. I asked Rhonda how she dealt with the naysayers who don’t believe in such things. Rhonda said she never tries to convert anyone to her way of thinking. She quickly pointed out the obvious, she only works with clients who are in accord with her sensibilities. Rhonda has done more than one reading for me, I look forward to my next session with her. Meanwhile, enjoy this week’s Twice 5 Miles conversation with Rhonda Flemming.



Susan Loomis: French cooking Farm to table

Twice 5 Miles Radio master French Chef Susan Loomis to the microphone. Based in Louiver, France, Susan is an internationally-recognized expert on food, an award-winning journalist/author, and founder of On Rue Tatin, a farm to table cooking school which focuses on the fine art of French cooking. In this conversation, Susan talks about how the careful preparation of food is like a holistic meditation. It begins with a trip to the local market where she knows the farmers and the farmers know her. On her way home, she might stop for a coffee and chat with a friend.  When she returns to her kitchen, which is large and has lots of light, she places her market fresh food on her full marble counter, lifts her knife, and begins to make, simply put, art. 


Marvin Parks: I Sing for a Living in Paris 

American Jazz singer Marvin Parks earns his living singing in Paris. Twice 5 Miles Radio welcomes Marvin to the microphone. One afternoon, about three years ago, Marvin decided to sing in the Paris Metro. He put his hat on the platform and started singing "Smile though your heart is breaking." Right away, people dropped euros into his hat. It didn't take Marvin long to realize he was onto something big. Now three years later, Marvin still sings in the Metro. He also sells out his jazz shows, has appeared on French television, has had many articles written about him, and has recorded his first album. Can you make it as an artist? Marvin Parks says, "yes you can." Enjoy and thank you for listening.


CARDIOLOGIST Luis Constintan: What about the heart? 

T5M welcomes cardiologist Dr. Luis Constintan to the microphone. I started this interview by dropping an unexpected question Luis's way. "So Luis, what about the heart?" His eyes brightened as he began talking about matters of the heart rather than the science of the heart. Luis told me that the heart was a place of memory. He also said he thinks to have a broken heart over love is a real experience rather than a metaphorical description of lost loss. Enjoy Luis's stories.


Poet Leslie Ullman: Library of Small Happiness 

James Navé welcomes Leslie Ullman poet and teacher to Twice 5 Miles Radio. Leslie was one of the founding teachers at Vermont College of Fine Arts MFA program in poetry. Leslie is a poet, teacher, ski instructor, and jewelry designer. Leslie is celebrating the publication of her new book Library of Small Happiness. In this conversation, Leslie speculates on the nature of poetry and how simplicity helps you get into the heart of writing your poems. www.leslieullman.com.


Julia Cameron: IT'S NEVER TOO LATE.

 James Navé welcomes Julia Cameron author of The Artist's Way to Twice 5 Mles Radio. Cameron and Navé have known each other for over twenty years. During this hour, they explore poetry, horses, creativity, music, movies, New York, theater, the sweeping power of high desert of Northern New Mexico, and what's going to happen next in their lives. Tune in and enjoy this conversation between two old friends. www.juliacameronlive.com




 James Navé welcomes singer-songwriter Walter Parks to Twice 5 Miles Radio. Walter Parks and James Navé have been friends for over twenty years. In this interview they discuss the many aspects of making a living as an artist, their adventures onstage together, the role of art in culture, and the endless urge to go on the road to see what happens next. Walter has made his living as a musician for his whole life from the small clubs on the American road to Carnegie Hall and Madison Square Garden.  www.walterparks.com. 


Sarah Blakenship: Growing Up at Black Mountain College 

What was it like in Asheville, North Carolina during the 30’s and 40’s? Twice 5 Miles Radio welcomes Sarah Blakenship to the microphone. Sarah grew up on the campus of Black Mountain College at Blue Ridge Assembly, near Black Mountain, NC. She went to High School in Black Mountain, North Carolina just before WWII. Then trained as a nurse at Mission Hospital just after the war. She raised her children in West Asheville. Her husband worked for the railroad until he retired. In this interview, you will gain a sense of what Asheville was like in the 40's and 50's. Sarah is now 90. She's still active, curious, and full of humor. Would that we all end up like Sarah Blakenship. Listen. Learn. Enjoy.


Tony Huston talks about what it takes to dig into writing. Tony has an Academy Award nomination for best-adapted screenplay for The Dead directed by John Huston. Tony also talks about hunting with falcons, his love of singing, and his unruly goat herd which grows too big every season. When Tony talks about literature and art, I can almost smell the peat burning in his Irish fireplace and feel the mist coming off the sea in an age not my own. Listen and Enjoy. 


Laura Simms: Storytellling is Your secret territory  

Storyteller and activists Laura Simms digs into her ideas around where a story exists. Did her stories  start in Brooklyn when she was a little girl playing in the 1950's streets?  Laura suggests if you want to be a storyteller you must listen to yourself. What is your soul saying? This interview took place one warm October afternoon in Taos, New Mexico. You'll hear church bells, magpies, and trucks on the street a block away. Enjoy the journey. Thanks for listening.



Twice 5 Miles Radio welcomes Paris-based Manon Guenot, photographer, filmmaker, musician, and student to the microphone.  Manon visited her aunt in Asheville for a month this summer. Manon's current project is called Bearded Strangers.  n 2015 when she firsts visited Asheville, she photographed bearded men in Asheville and published it in a book titled Bearded Strangers.  In this interview, Manon talks about her insight about men with beards. She also talks about how much she loves Asheville and how much it reminds her of her home in the French mountains.


Connie Regan-Blake: A storyteller must listen

Twice 5 Miles Radio welcomes master storyteller Connie Regan-Blake to the microphone.  Connie's stellar reviews will tell you that Connie transforms a packed theater into an intimate circle of friends with her irresistible blend of humor, wisdom, and spontaneity. Connie has captivated minds and hearts of festival audiences, corporate professionals, schoolchildren, and lovers of stories from all walks of life.  The year was 1973 when Connie helped launch the first National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, TN.  Connie is the only storyteller in the world who has hosted or performed stories at every National Storytelling since its 1973 launch on that now famous porch in Tennessee. Connie has been featured on seven award-winning recordings—five audio records and two videos produced by PBS. Several publications including Southern Living, New Age Magazine, and School Library Journal have praised her work. She has also been a guest on NPR’s All Things Considered, ABC's Good Morning America, and CNN.



When you are dealing with conflict, the most important word is transformation." Twice 5 Miles Radio welcomes David LaMotte, speaker, a musician, an author, and songwriter, to the microphone. In this interview I learned a peaceful outcome requires more than intention, it requires commitment and an open heart. David talks about out how to make peace, make art, and make a living doing what you love. David is an award-winning songwriter, speaker, and writer. He has performed over 2500 concerts and released eleven full-length CDs of primarily original music, touring in forty-eight of the fifty states, as well as extensively in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. The Boston Globe writes that his music “pushes the envelope with challenging lyrics and unusual tunings, but he also pays homage to folk tradition,” while BBC Radio Belfast lauds his “charm, stories, humor, insightful songs, sweet voice and dazzling guitar ability.”