WRITING FROM THE IMAGINATIVE STORM in Paris                      

Hosted by poet and TEDx New York Salon facilitator James Navé                                      

 21 March 2015  ~ Saturday ~ 9:30h-17:00h                                                                                         

 Imaginative Storm at Café de la Mairie, Paris 

 Imaginative Storm at Café de la Mairie, Paris 

Being an imaginative writer is an organic business. Working alone you can move mountains; working with others you can move the world. In this collaborative workshop, you’ll explore ways to strengthen your writing, connect with other writers, and shake ideas from your imaginative tree. Come ready to work hard, have fun, and learn how to make your imagination surprise you even more than it already does. 



workshop topics 

From the Imaginative Storm to the Creative Form

Trust Your Moving Hand.: Turn spontaneous writing into lively form.

Tell Your Story: Write what you know with details, numbers, and memories  

Her Old Floppy Hat:  Build enduring characters

 Poetics at Work: Spice up your life with poetry

Perform Your Work: It's easier than you think

Who Said?: Create compelling dialogue: 

Think of this as a gathering of the writing tribe in a safe space that values you, celebrates your writing, and applauds your pluck to be creative. SCROLL DOWN past the boat for more.  

LOCATION: 19 avenue de Friedland 75008 (Door-code provided when you register)                   Limit 10 people. TUITION: 150 euro 

Want to know more? Send me an email and I'll answer you right back. 

Imaginative Storm in Clifden, Ireland 

Imaginative Storm in Clifden, Ireland 

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This Imaginative Storm took place in Taos at the Old Taos Guesthouse. We had a wonderful collection of writers which included a screenwriter with an academy award nomination, an environmental activist, two youth poets from the local high school, a novelist, a local businessman, the head librarian of the International School in Saudi Arabia, a painter, and the guy in the hat who later told me there were as many international spies living in Taos as there were writers. Hard to believe isn't it? 

This video conversation with Raghava KK is about art, poetry, and what it means to be a change agent. Are you a change agent? The conclusion will please you.  

four minute imaginative storm video